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Real Life Church is all about connecting Jesus to real lives. Visit our church for people who don’t like church this Sunday at 9:30 & 11am. We love connecting with people and want to connect with you. Click on the links to connect with us.

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We wear jeans and t-shirts here and love if you just come as you are. We drink coffee while we worship and we like contemporary Christian pop/rock. We have a special time for kid’s to learn about Jesus instead of forcing them to sit still and be quiet during the service.

Real people striving to be like Jesus in real life.

Real People – Imperfect people in a relationship with a perfect God.

Serving People – We are not here to be served but to serve others.

Humble People – We are not better than anyone and we meet everyone where they are at.

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Most of the things we do in life or at least the way we live just drain us. You get drained earning a paycheck, you get drained by family obligations, and you get drained by expectations placed on you. Jesus offers you a way of living that actually fills you up, renews your soul, and overflows into all other areas of life. Join us to learn how to Jesus’ life can overflow into your life.

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