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Message OverflowJanuary 21-March 4: Most of the things we do in life or at least the way we live just drain us. You get drained earning a paycheck, you get drained by family obligations, and you get drained by expectations placed on you. Jesus offers you a way of living that actually fills you up, renews your soul, and overflows into all other areas of life. Join us to learn how to Jesus’ life can overflow into your life.

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Everyday Jesus

Message Everyday JesusMarch 11-30: The people in Jesus’ hometown saw him as ordinary and couldn’t believe all the stories about him. They listened to his wisdom and witnessed his miracles, but couldn’t get passed the fact that he was just a carpenter. Who you believe Jesus to be makes all the difference.  Join us as we learn what it is to experience an everyday Jesus in your everyday life.

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